School Christmas Card Project Key Steps

The Marstan School Christmas Card Project is very simple to organise and gives schools a fun and engaging fundraising project for the autumn/winter term. Here is how it works:

1. Register to receive our FREE information pack which includes everything you need to manage and promote your Christmas card project.

2. Confirm your participation and we will send you templates for the children to create their design on (templates are send out in early September or soon after you confirm your school’s participation).

3. Work with the children to create their designs, and then send them back to us (FREEPOST).

4. We scan the artworks that we receive and then return proofs of the designs, integrated with order forms.

5. Send the proofs and ordering details home to the parents, setting a clear deadline to for parents to return their order forms. Parents are able personalise both card and mug messages.

6. We send you the professionally printed cards for distribution along with any other products that are ordered.

7. Payment is made to the school/PTA by the parents. After the orders have been delivered we will then send an invoice to the school/PTA. This should be paid within 14 days of receipt.


The Rules

We try and be as flexible as possible throughout the project, however there are a few things we need to point out:

Only pencils, felt tips and paint can be used on the design sheets. NO GLITTER as this comes off very easily, and creates marks on scanned images. The design template has a dedicated box for children to draw within. Any drawing on the box line or outside of the box will not be printed. We cannot make alterations or corrections to the children’s designs. This includes colouring in missed areas or correcting hand written spelling mistakes (Yes we do get asked!).

Any alterations made by the child to their design on the proof form cannot be used. At this stage images are not re-scanned. This stage simply shows how their drawing will look when printed, and to provide parents with their order forms .Portrait images on place mats will appear 1up as per the example on the prices page (with a colourful Christmas border). With the wrapping product, both landscape and portrait images will be repeated across the sheet.

Schools wishing to participate should have a minimum of 200 children.

Late orders cannot be accepted, so please ensure everyone at your school is aware of your return deadline.



If your total order value is below £150, there will be an additional £25 added to your invoice to cover carriage charges. Special offer discounts can only be used if there is a minimum order value of £250.