School Fundraiser Ideas

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School Fundraiser Ideas


School fundraiser ideas are sometimes hard to come up with, so I thought I share some of the fundraising projects and events we have done. As well as working for Marstan Christmas Cards for Schools, I’m also involved with my childrens’ school PTA.



Whether its Valentines Day or end-of-term discos are always popular with the children. You can either hire-in a disco company or utilise one of the parent’s DJ skills, but either way you will be able to raise funds for the PTA by charging an entry fee and selling food and drink too. Don’t forget you’ll need some police-checked volunteers to help with toilet trips!

School Calendars

This is actually something we haven’t done at school yet, but is something that Marstan offers through our Marstan Calendars for Schools website. It takes a little foresight and planning as its nice to collate images or designs from throughout the year (or at least the winter term). Calendar images can be photos of classes or school activities like sports day, or competitions could be held for drawings for each month. As a school fundraiser there’s two ways that you earn with this scheme. First from calendar sales to parents and the local community, and secondly advertising space can be sold to local businesses.


Father’s Day and Mother’s Day Shops

At our school they are renamed Man of the Moment and The Woman I Love shops -political correctness gone crazy. But whatever they are called my kids love buying small gifts that the PTA have sourced. Always a great fundraiser.


Quiz Night

Not all quizzes are made equal – we are so lucky to have a guy who puts in loads of effort, and has the questions on the a large projector screen complete with jingles! But even if yours is more low-key parents and friends of the school will have a great time and raise plenty of money for the school.


Spring and Christmas Fairs

Possibly our largest fundraisers, but definitely one of the biggest tasks that the PTA undertakes, We’ve been lucky to have great volunteers who have pulled together some great events. We have had a good mix of craft stalls, game stalls, arts and craft (gingerbread decorating), raffle, teddy tombola etc for our Christmas Fairs. At Spring we have held the last few outdoors (and got lucky with the whether) and have had activities such as bouncy castles, coconut shire, go karts, pony rides and football shoot outs, alongside the normal craft and cake stalls. Certainly four figure school fundraising potential!


Christmas Card Project

Running a Christmas Card project in school is a great school fundraiser. Children design their Christmas Card on templates. We scan them and send back a proof and order form. Unlike most, we offer an extended range of products to help increase the amount of money your PTA can earn. Marstan Christmas Cards have one of the lowest Christmas Card prices on the market, and have one, if not the, widest range of additional products on the market. These include fridge magnets, wrapping paper, gifts tags, mugs, place mats and canvas prints.


Other School Fundraiser Ideas

Other school fundraiser ideas include: selling DVDs of the nativity plays, design a plate, tuck shops, raffles, cake sales and refreshment stall at sports day.


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